Junior Civic League Domestic Violence Awareness Pinwheel display

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs – Junior Civic League of Fort Smith has set-up a Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Pinwheel Display in front of United Federal Credit Union located at 5800 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR.  It will be up for the next month.  We will take it down the day before the Step Up Speak Out Block Parties which are scheduled for April 29th.

The pinwheels reflect the number of domestic violence victims in 2014 who were provided services by the Donald W Reynolds Crisis Intervention Center and the Hamilton House Child and Family Safety Center.   The Crisis Intervention Center treated 138 women for domestic violence 118 children for physical abuse and 66 victims for sexual assault in 2014.  The Hamilton House treated 678 children for sexual assault and 119 children for physical abuse in 2014.

There are three different colors of pinwheels in the display.  Purple represents domestic violence against women, Blue represents physical abuse against children, and Teal represents sexual assaults. Please note that inside the pool in the display there is one Teal pinwheel per nine sexual assault victims who were children and outside the pool there is one Teal pinwheel for very two adult victims of sexual assault.