Event details – October 22nd -11:30 am-1:00 pm Community Bible Church 9201 Dallas St. Fort Smith.

For ticket information contact Angie Ruth at aruth@unitedwayfortsmith.org or call 479-782-1311.

At the heart of Helen Elizabeth’s ministry is the desire to help women find steadfast hope by releasing our own expectations to embrace
God’s loving plan for each of our lives. Helen’s faith journey has equipped her to share messages which lead women to:

● Release the weight of unmet expectations and reclaim a joyful heart.
● Reject thoughts of comparison and rejoice in living content.
● Break the chains of regret and live freely in loving acceptance.
● Face the fear of change with fearless unchanging faith.
● Live undefined by a broken lineage and embrace adoption through

Helen’s life hasn’t always been as Instagram perfect as social media may suggest. Her adoption, story of redemption, and
loss of her husband are just a few turning points in Helen’s life that she feels called to speak on. Helen is a natural born
storyteller, who loves feeling connected to her audiences. Her messages are grounded in applying the truth of God’s word
to personal experiences, which she communicates in a way that is not only relatable, but also personal and real.
Helen has a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and Human Resources, and for several years used her degree to
teach public speaking at both the secondary and collegiate level. During her time teaching she developed an interview
coaching program to sharpen her students’ communication and body language skills in order to help the next generation
find confidence within themselves and their ability to communicate meaningfully. After being crowned Miss Arkansas USA
2014, Helen spoke passionately on the topic of adoption and used her platform to raise awareness for foster care. Helen’s
personal blog is followed by individuals from over 50 countries, and she is currently partnering with Folio Literary
Management to write her first book on finding hope in the midst of tragedy. Her utmost desire in speaking and writing is to
use her platform to help every listener and reader hold fast to their faith when life gets hard and expectations go unmet.
Helen found her love for mentorship, meaningful relationships and openness among Christ followers during her years
serving as a college small group leader and high school cheer coach. She is beyond thankful for all the men and women who
have poured into her life spiritually, and who gave her the chance to let go of the past and redefine herself as a child of God.
Her unique blend of spiritual ups-and-downs drives her passion to encourage women of all backgrounds, ages, and stages in
their spiritual life to “put on a new self” (Colossians 3) and embrace God’s love for them.

Helen has the heart of a child and a soul the age of her name. On her days off, she is a self-proclaimed “Professional
Bruncher” who enjoys Saturday morning cartoons, Murder She Wrote, and back porch sitting.