We are getting inquiries from people being impacted by the government shutdown. We are compiling a list of services offered. If you know of any other that we can share please let us know.
Arkansas Center for Legal Services
They offer any legal services to government employees that we would offer to any other client. For example, if employees are behind on mortgage payments, car payments, rent payments, etc., we would be happy to at least advise them about their options. This is a bit different, but they also offer free legal help to tenants in government-funded housing who are facing eviction, rent increases, and other issues because of the shutdown. Anyone who is interested can speak to an attorney by calling 1-800-950-5817 between 9 – 11 am or 1 – 3 pm. They can also apply online at www.arlegalservices.org.
River Valley Regional Food Bank
They are helping furloughed workers with direction to one of their member agencies. They have agencies on standby to help those workers in a hurry.
Salvation Army
Food for Federal Employees
Feb 2 10am-2pm
301 N 6th Fort Smith, AR
Must bring work ID and proof of income or letter from job stating they are affected by shut down.
Must bring own box or bag.
They will have canned foods, frozen meats, fresh produce, and bread. Possibly dry beans, flour, rice and such.
Community Services Clearinghouse
With proper government ID, they would provide them an emergency food box.
Crawford County Senior Centers
They will serve them a hot lunch Monday – Friday at 11:30 at any of their five centers in Crawford County. They also get a lot of fresh vegetables/fruits/bread from the food bank. If anyone is in the need of groceries please let them know, they can ask us and we will fix them up.
Fort Smith Public Schools
Families can apply for free or reduced price meals.
First Presbyterian Church
They are offering help to federal employees impacted by the government shutdown through the UpLift Program. They will waive certain criteria to expedite the loan process. For questions or to request an application, please call the church office at (479) 783-8919 Mon-Fri between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.